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05 - 08
Fongming Cable China successfully launches remote sensing 30th group 08 satellites
At 2:11 on May 7, China used the Long March 2C carrier rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center to successfully launch the Remote Sensing 30 Group 08 satellites into the air, and the satellites entered the predetermined orbit.Remote Sensing 30th Group 08 satellites adopt a multi-satellite netwo
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04 - 09
Fongming Cable Thailand considers launching free air tickets to attract international tourists to travel to Thailand
According to Thailand’s “Bangkok Post” report, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports Pippa said that he is thinking about providing free inter-provincial flight services for foreign passengers after aviation staff have completed the new crown vaccination. According to reports, Thailan
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03 - 26
Suez Canal suspended route, stranded cargo ship rescue may take several weeks
The chairman of the Egyptian Suez Canal Authority, Usama Rabie, issued a statement on the 25th, saying that rescue of cargo ships stranded in the Suez Canal is still continuing and the canal has suspended its route. A person from a rescue company said that the rescue may take several weeks. Rabbiye
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12 - 08
Mica Wire Chang'e 5 Ascender Controlled the Moon Set to Complete the Mission Successfully
The reporter learned from the National Space Administration that at 6:59 on December 8, the Chang'e-5 ascender was controlled to de-orbit according to ground instructions, and landed at around 7:30 at the scheduled time near 0 degrees longitude of the lunar surface and 30 degrees south latitude. Dro
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