Fongming Cable Thailand considers launching free air tickets to attract international tourists to travel to Thailand

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      According to Thailand’s “Bangkok Post” report, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports Pippa said that he is thinking about providing free inter-provincial flight services for foreign passengers after aviation staff have completed the new crown vaccination.

      According to reports, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports Pippa said that it is considering providing free or discounted international flight tickets for international travelers who have been vaccinated against the new crown, which will help extend their stay in Thailand. Pippa said when introducing the project called "Phuket Sandbox Project" that international tourists can enjoy free or discounted air tickets after spending 10 days in Phuket. He said that this plan has been discussed with Bangkok Airways and is expected to attract 100,000 foreign tourists for Phuket tourism in the first three months of the plan. The Phuket plan was opened to tourists in July.

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