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Fongming manufactures customized cables as well as wire harness for a variety of applications in the medical industry, our lighter and ultra flexible wires are widely used in pulse oximetry, fetal monitoring, nerve stimulation devices, defibrillators and surgical and imaging devices.
As a professional manufacturer, we have in-house wire extrusion, shield braiding, jacket extrusion, cable molding, wire harness assembly and testing, the in-house capabilities enable us to quickly develop new wires in the most cost-effective way.
As an ISO13485 registered company, you can count on Fongming to develop and manufacture high quality, high flexible, high reliability wires for your medical devices.

Medical Applications:

Surgical Device
Hemodialysis Machine
SPO2 Device
Body Injection Device

Products and Solutions:

Custom-designed wires and cables insulated with TPE, TPU, silicone, PTFE and other speciality materials.
Wire harness and cable assembly
Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, established in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of special cables, sitting in Baoying County, Yangzhou City, with an area of ​​50,000 square meters, construction...

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