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Automotive Industry

For Electric Vehicles:
Fongming Cable has gained the IATF16949 automobile management system certification and is able to produce internal high-voltage wires for electric cars and cables for charging stations.
Our cables are widely used in batteries, frequency converters, power transmission and charging piles of electric buses, hybrid vehicles, and pure electric vehicles. Whether it is fast charging or slow charging, our various types of cables can be matched with home charging, outdoor charging, and large charging stations. 
Applications for Electric Vehicles Industry:
1. Charging Station
2. Battery Pack
3. Inverter 
4. Generator
Products and Solutions: 
1. Type EVJ (rated 300V) 
2. Type EVJE (rated 300V) 
3. Type EVJT (rated 300V) 
4. Type EV( rated 600V) 
5. Type EVE (rated 600V) 
6. Type EVT( rated 600V) 
7. Silicone-insulated EV cable (25 mm2, 35 mm2, 50 mm2, 75 mm2, 90 mm2, etc.)
For Automotive Industry:
Fongming provides customers with a wide spectrum of wires from normal PVC insulated ultrathin wires to high temperature resistant cables.
Applications for Automotive Industry:
1. Engine 
2. Igniter System 
3. Motor System 
4. Sensor System 
5. Internal wiring in vehicles 
Products and Solutions: 
1. High temperature wires (PTFE, PFA, FEP) 
2. Silicone wires 
3. XLPE wires 
4. PVC wires



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