FONGMING WORLD HEARING DAY: Let’s Care About our Hearing Health Together

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This year's March 3rd is the 22nd National "Hearing Day". The theme of this year is "Everyone Enjoys Hearing Health". The most important part is hearing and talking rehabilitation. That's right, with the continuous advancement of rehabilitation medical technology, more and more hearing impaired people in our country can undergo rehabilitation and complete oral communication. The concept of "ten deaf, nine dumb" is being broken through.


Recently, the reporter interviewed Yang Yang, the chairman of the Chinese Association for the Deaf. She said: “According to the statistics of the second national sample survey, the number of hearing disabilities in China will be 20.54 million by 2021, accounting for about a quarter of the total number of people with disabilities in the country. More than% of the hearing-impaired can communicate in spoken language." Chairman Yang Yang said: “In the past, due to the lack of effective rehabilitation skills, the hearing-impaired in our country had to go to special schools to learn sign language expression and communication. Nowadays, with hearing aids and cochlear implants With the rapid advancement of science and technology and the increasingly advanced rehabilitation methods, more and more hearing impaired children are being educated in ordinary kindergartens and ordinary schools. The situation of "ten deaf, nine dumb" in the past no longer exists."


On the occasion of the 22nd National “Ear Day”, Fongming Cable would build and share a wonderful life with you.