Fongming Cable: What are the advantages of mica wire?

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Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory's mica insulated cables meet the strictest international fire protection standards. Mica tape not only provides electrical insulation, but also acts as a unique fire barrier by preventing its spread and reducing the amount of toxic gases and fumes released during a fire.

The important insulating material of high temperature resistant mica wire is mica, which is a natural material, chemically neutral, non-toxic and completely halogen-free. Mica tape is a dry non-stick flexible tape impregnated with high performance heat resistant silicone and supported by polyethylene film.

Advantages of mica:

Does not spread flames: Mica is a non-combustible material and does not spread flames.

Delayed Smoke Release: Mica reduces the amount of toxic gases and smoke released in fires and delays their release.

Environmental protection: Mica does not contain asbestos and meets the latest international environmental protection standards.

Acid and alkali resistance

Vibration and shock resistance Waterproof

Application: We use mica tape in our high temperature cable series.

Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory's mica insulated wires like UL 5128, UL5107, UL5360 are used for high temperature equipment, furnace igniter cables, thermocouple cables, electric heaters and other high temperature cable applications. They are also used in military marine cables where LSZH cables are required.

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