High-temperature resistant mica wire:Li Keqiang is in charge of convening an executive meeting of the State Council to deploy the central budget implementation and other fiscal revenue and expenditure

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The meeting pointed out that accelerating the development of rural delivery and logistics, and further facilitating the export of agricultural products from the village to the city, and the consumption of consumer goods to the village, are important measures to promote rural revitalization, increase farmers' income, and release the potential of rural domestic demand. First, we must promote the integration of rural e-commerce and rural delivery logistics. Relying on "Internet +", strengthen the connection between urban markets, logistics enterprises and farms, farmers' cooperatives, etc., develop specialized agricultural product delivery services and cold chain storage and processing equipment to help agricultural product sales, especially to promote the development of industries with rural characteristics in poverty alleviation regions. Second, we must classify and promote "express delivery into the village". Speed up rural delivery logistics infrastructure equipment to make up for shortcomings. In the rural areas of the eastern and central parts of the country, better use of market power, guide enterprises to set up locations in villages, and improve express delivery services. In the western rural areas, we will give play to the fundamental role of postal services in terminal delivery, strengthen cooperation with express delivery, supply and marketing, and expand the coverage of "express delivery into villages". Third, we must deepen the reform of "delegation, control, and service" in the delivery category. Cancel unreasonable and unnecessary restrictions, encourage the development of rural express terminal services, guide the application of existing equipment in the village, and establish a comprehensive village-level delivery logistics service station, which effectively reduces the cost of rural terminal delivery. Strengthen the supervision of delivery logistics services, promote fair competition, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the public.


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