UK will set up a new agency to strengthen its capacity to respond to public health emergencies

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Xinhua News Agency, London, March 24 (Reporter Zhang Jiawei Jin Jing) The British Ministry of Health stated on the 24th that the country will formally establish the "British Health Security Agency" on April 1 to coordinate and strengthen response to public health emergencies such as pandemics. ability.

   The British Ministry of Health said that this institution will integrate the country’s technical capabilities in health data analysis and gene sequencing, and provide scientific analysis, information integration and response capabilities for public health safety at the national and local levels. England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harris will serve as the chief executive officer of this agency. After the establishment of the agency, the primary task is to continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.

   British Health Secretary Matthew Hancock said in a statement that in the process of responding to the new crown epidemic, the United Kingdom has demonstrated excellent scientific research capabilities in the field of public health, but as new public health threats emerge, the protection of national health is facing An unprecedented challenge. The "British Health Security Agency" must actively prepare for the next pandemic.

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