Mutated new coronavirus is out of control in UK, many countries urgently restricted personnel exchanges compensation wire

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According to European media reports, the governments of Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and other countries have announced that they will urgently restrict the entry of British travelers in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

These restrictions specifically include cutting off flights to and from the UK. Among them, France announced on the 20th that it would ban all British people from entering the country for a period of 48 hours; the Netherlands will ban all flights from the United Kingdom from landing at Dutch airports
from 6 am on the 20th to January 1, 2021; Belgium will ban from midnight on Sunday A flight departing from the UK will land for at least 24 hours.

On the 20th, Michelle, President of the European Council, held a video meeting with representatives of EU member states to report the latest information on the epidemic. Proposed by Germany, the rotating EU presidency, the EU will hold an "Integrated Political Crisis Emergency Response

Mechanism" (IPCR) on the 21st to coordinate prevention and control actions.

The British government announced the discovery of a new variant of the new coronavirus. British Prime Minister Boris said that the spread of this virus is 70% higher than the previous new coronavirus strain. The British government scientific adviser previously stated that the virus variant was the main reason for the sharp increase in hospitalized patients in the UK in December. To curb the spread of the virus, the United Kingdom announced a re-blockade of London and other areas.

The WHO stated that it is closely tracking the latest situation of the British epidemic and is conducting further research. Such virus variants have been found in the Netherlands and other countries before, and called on Europe to strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures.
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