Fongming Cable: Zhong Nanshan estimated two or three years for global immunization of COVID-19. We can not blog the country for long

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  On the evening of march 1, Tsinghua university and Brookings Institution co-organized a forum on "rapid recovery: cooperation in prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 in china and in the united states ". Leading experts in public health and medicine from china and the united states discussed topics such as medical and research cooperation and vaccine development. Zhong Nanshan, head of the National Health Commission's high-level experts group, said China's vaccine coverage plan will reach 40 percent of the population in June.

 "Group immunization can not be achieved by letting large number of people get sick, it must be done on a scientific basis through vaccination. Global group immunization takes at least two to three years, or more. In China, 60 different vaccine projects are under way, six of which are now in the phase of clinical phase 3." Zhong Nanshan said.

 Globally, Israel has the highest proportion of the population vaccinated, at 92.46 percent, the UAE more than 60 percent, the UK more than 30 percent, the United States 22 percent, China is only 3.56 percent, Zhong said.

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