Fongming Cable:How to choose: ETFE or FEP?

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ETFE, is a molecule with properties similar to PTFE. Both polymers are widely used for wire insulation in the aerospace, medical and nuclear industries because of their high corrosion resistance, excellent dielectric properties and ability to function over a wide temperature range.

What is ETFE?

ETFE is a thermoplastic copolymer coating. A thermoplastic is a substance that turns into a solid plastic at a certain temperature—heating creates a malleable plastic, while cooling causes it to turn solid.

Copolymers are materials made up of different types of monomers (small molecules). ETFE provides mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and stiffness that makes it ideal for higher impact applications, and it also maintains its integrity at extremely high (300F) to extremely low (-150F) temperatures, making it ideal for chemical processing.

What is FEP?

FEP is different because it is a fluoropolymer - a polymer made from a combination of carbon and fluorine. FEP has similar advantages to ETFE in terms of chemical resistance and heat resistance, but also has the advantage of melt processing when used in injection molding or extrusion molding. Combined with its electrical properties and durability, it is an ideal material for wires and assemblies used in chemical processing.

Which is more suitable?

Which is better? Both are made through different processes but have similar purposes. So, depending on your specific requirements, either one can meet your needs. Both provide benefits for wire insulation, chemical processes, durability needs, and more.

For the industry that makes high temperature resistant cables, if high temperature or low temperature resistance is the most important factor for you, then ETFE may be a better choice for you. It exceeds the temperature resistance of FEP, making it the best choice for applications that prefer to generate intense high or low temperatures.

However, if the temperature resistance, both high or low, is the most important factor for you, then ETFE might be your preferred option. It exceeds the temperature resistance of FEP, making it the best choice for applications more like to produce intense high or low temperatures.

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