Fongming Cable:High temperature shielded wire

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What is shielded braided wire?

Braided wire is a shield built into the cable for two reasons:

Protect cables from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Increase the flex life and mechanical strength of the cable.

The shielding looks just like you might imagine; several thin wires are tightly braided into a mesh tubular structure, wrapped around the conductors. Braided conduit can also be flattened to a specific width. Commonly used materials for braided wire include tinned copper and silver-plated copper. Customization is also available for specialized applications, including:

Nickel-plated copper

Gold Plated Copper

Sterling silver

pure nickel

gold alloy

Why is shielded wire important?

Braided metal wires deflect electromagnetic frequencies to protect cable signal strength and reliability, especially at low and medium frequencies. Additionally, the mesh design of the braided wire shield adds strength to the cable by providing enough flexibility to withstand frequent pulling and bending. Braided wire also creates a low resistance ground path suitable for short runs.

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