Fongming Cable: Coca-Cola will increase beverage prices

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On April 20, the CEO of Coca-Cola stated that the company will increase beverage prices to cope with the impact of rising commodity prices, but did not disclose which Coca-Cola products will increase prices.

The CEO of Coca-Cola said: There will be a good hedge in 2021, but the pressure will accumulate in 2022 and will have to increase prices.

He added: We will intelligently manage price increases, think about how to use packaging sizes, and truly optimize the price point for consumers.

The CFO of Coca-Cola said earlier that the commodity environment for the next 12-18 months will be "competitive". Inflation is controllable this year, but 2022 is a major challenge. Price increases in the United States and the world may begin in the second quarter of this year. .

In addition, Coca-Cola is developing environmentally friendly packaging to improve the environment.

It is reported that Coca-Cola has developed new environmentally friendly packaging.

The new packaging consists of a paper case with a plastic lining and a recyclable plastic cover, and will be tested for the first time in Hungary this year.

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