Yangzhou Fongmming Cable:Warmly welcome the Secretary of Baoying County Party Committee and his delegation to visit and guide

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In this beautiful season of golden autumn, September, and sweet fragrance of osmanthus, at 9:20 am on September 27, 2021, Secretary Zhang of Baoying County Party Committee led a group of 70 people from the county leadership team to visit Fongming Cable Factory. Chairman Yang Fongming expressed his most sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks for the arrival of Secretary Zhang and other leaders!

  First of all, Secretary Lu and Mayor Hou of Xiaji Town Party Committee gave a brief introduction to the basic situation of our company. Subsequently, the general manager Ms. Yang Liu led the leaders to visit the production workshop and elaborated on our company's main products, team building, software and hardware facilities and future development directions. The spacious and bright manufacturing workshop, uniform production equipment, and active front-line employees have won the praise of the leaders!

  Secretary Zhang fully affirmed the good development momentum of Fongming Cable Factory and encouraged enterprises to make more use of their own platform advantages to develop more specialized wires and cables, and contribute their own strength to the construction and development of Xiaji.

  Our company firmly believes that under the leadership of Secretary Zhang, with the care and help of the Xiaji Town Party Committee and leaders at all levels, our company will continue to increase the intensity of talent introduction and investment in technological innovation, and strive to enhance its global position in the special cable industry. Take a down-to-earth approach to a century-old enterprise.


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