Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: GDP in the first three quarters increased by 9.8% year-on-year

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According to reports, the national economy continues to resume development, the main macro indicators are generally within a reasonable range, the employment situation is basically stable, the income of residents continues to increase, the balance of payments remains balanced, the economic structure is adjusted and optimized, the quality and efficiency are steadily improved, and the overall social situation is harmonious and stable.

The development of the industry is progressing steadily, and the trend of quality improvement and upgrading has not changed. Food production is generally stable, the development of industrial digitalization and intelligence is accelerating, and the modern service industry is growing well.

"In general, the national economy in the first three quarters has generally maintained a recovery trend, structural adjustment has been steadily advanced, and new progress has been made in promoting high-quality development." The relevant person in charge of the National Bureau of Statistics said.


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