Yangzhou Fongming Cable:The National Development and Reform Commission is about to make a move

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The National Development and Reform Commission will closely follow the coal market dynamics and price trends with relevant departments, sort out and investigate contradictions and problems in the work of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices, and coordinate and resolve them in a timely manner; the market supervision department will increase law enforcement inspections and adhere to "zero tolerance" "We will severely crack down on illegal activities such as spreading false information, price collusion, price bidding, hoarding, etc., and earnestly maintain market order.

The meeting requested that coal companies should effectively improve their positions, establish overall awareness, and take the initiative to ensure supply and price stability; strengthen legal awareness, operate in compliance with laws and regulations, strictly perform medium and long-term transaction contracts; actively perform social responsibilities, and promote upstream and downstream industry coordination Development, to ensure the demand for power generation and heating and coal for people's livelihood, and help the economy to operate smoothly.


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