Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory: The National Development and Reform Commission responded to "cutting the brakes on electricity"!

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In response to the recent tight energy supply and demand situation, the head of the Economic Operation and Regulation Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission stated on the 29th that ensuring people's livelihood energy has been the top priority of the work to ensure that the public is safe and warm through the winter.

The person in charge said that multiple measures will be taken to strengthen the adjustment of supply and demand to ensure a stable supply of energy this winter and next spring.

Focus on taking measures from six aspects:

One is to increase energy supply resources through multiple channels.

The second is to give full play to the role of "ballast stone" in medium and long-term contracts.

The third is to further do a good job in orderly energy use.

The fourth is to play an important role in energy storage and emergency guarantee capabilities.

Fifth, rationally guide energy use costs,

The sixth is to effectively control unreasonable energy demand.


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