The Philippines enters a state of national disaster

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On May 11, the Presidential Palace of the Philippines published a document showing that due to the outbreak of African swine fever, Philippine President Duterte announced that from May 10, the country has entered a one-year state of national disaster.

The document, signed on May 10, shows that African swine fever was first discovered in the Philippines in 2019 and has now spread to 12 regions and 46 provinces of the country. Despite the measures taken by the government, new infections still occurred. African swine fever has caused the Philippines to reduce the production of 3 million pigs and lose up to 100 billion pesos (about 13.4 billion yuan), which has also led to the continuous rise of domestic pork prices in the Philippines.

In order to prevent and control the African swine fever epidemic and rebuild the local breeding industry, Philippine President Duterte announced that starting May 10 this year, the Philippines has entered a one-year state of national disaster. The Philippine national government and the local government should work together to issue disaster relief funds as soon as possible to deal with the African swine fever epidemic.

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