How to use copper nose?

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Copper nose is used for connecting wires and cables to electrical equipment. The top side is the fixing screw edge, and the end is the copper core of wire and cable after peeling.

How to use copper nose

Copper nose is also called line nose, copper wiring nose, copper tube nose, wiring terminal, various places and industries called different.It is used for connecting wires and cables to electrical equipment. The top side is the fixing screw side, and the end is the copper core of the wire and cable after peeling.Use a copper nose if it is more than 10 square meters. Use a cold pressed nose if it is less than 10 square meters.Copper nose surface tin-plated and non-tin-plated, tube pressure type and oil plug type.

Main Scope of Application

Household appliances, electrical industry, mechanical equipment factory, shipyard, distribution cabinet distribution box, etc.The product has good appearance, good electrical conductivity and safety.

Model 1: DT, made of T2 copper rod, the appearance of the product is the round head of the spatulate, which can be used for sealing and plugging oil. The top side is used for fixing screws, and the end inserted into the peeled cable can be pressed with terminal pliers.

Model no. 2: DTG, made of T2 copper tube stamping, slightly lighter than DT, can replace DT when there is no need to seal the oil connection.The workmanship is simpler and faster than DT, and the price is relatively cheap.

There are two common types of surface treatment:

1. Pickling. The color of pickling is basically the same as that of red copper, which can play a beautiful role in oxidation resistance and conductance.

2. Tin plating: the surface of the copper nose after tin plating is silver-white, which can better prevent oxidation and conductivity, and prevent the harmful gas diffusion caused by copper in conductive overproduction.
Installation Precautions:

The screw must be tight.

2. Cable and copper nose must be inserted in place and pressed tightly with pliers.

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