High-temperature resistant mica wire: The Tianwen-1 orbiter enters the remote sensing mission orbit to carry out global remote sensing exploration of Mars

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According to the news from the National Space Administration's Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center, on November 8, 2021, the "Tianwen-1" orbiter successfully implemented the fifth near-fire brake, accurately entered the orbit of the remote sensing mission, and launched the global remote sensing exploration of Mars.

Since the execution of the mission, the "Zhurong" Mars rover has successfully completed the established patrol and detection missions, and is in good condition, and continues to carry out the detection mission. Comprehensively thinking about the global remote sensing detection of the orbiter and the relay communication requirements of the Mars rover, the engineering development team optimized the orbit design and affirmed the remote sensing orbit plan with a near fire point of about 265 kilometers, a far fire point of about 10,700 kilometers, and a period of about 7.08 hours. While ensuring the deployment of scientific exploration, it also provides more relay communication support for the Mars rover to improve the efficiency of mission deployment.

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