High-temperature resistant mica wire:China's first three quarters of 31 provinces GDP data announced

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All the economic data for the first three quarters of China's 31 provinces have been released recently. The economies of various regions generally persisted in restoring their momentum, the economic structure continued to be optimized, and the quality of development was improved from time to time, which provided a solid guarantee for the completion of the economic and social development goals throughout the year.

In the first three quarters, the GDP growth rate of 10 provinces “outperformed” the country. Data shows that a total of 15 provinces have a total GDP exceeding 2 trillion yuan (money, the same below). Among them, Guangdong's GDP exceeded 8.8 trillion yuan, ranking first; Jiangsu's GDP exceeded 8.4 trillion yuan, ranking second, and also entered the "8 trillion yuan club". The total gap between Jiangsu and Guangdong has been reduced. Shandong’s GDP exceeds 6 trillion yuan, ranking third.

   Affected by "incidental and structural factors such as lack of coal supply and flood conditions", the national economy slowed down in the third quarter. In the first three quarters, China's GDP grew by 9.8% year-on-year, and an average growth rate of 5.2% over the two years. According to the analysis, a total of 10 provinces grew faster than the national level in the first three quarters year-on-year, and 19 provinces outperformed the national average growth rate in two years.

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