Fongming cable:Minor Heat is here. As high temperature resistant wire and cable manufacturer, Fongming is never afraid of the heat.

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Minor Heat began to enter Futian, the so-called "hot in dog days", dog days usually appear between Xiaoshu and Lushu, which is a high temperature, humid and sultry period of the year.

The monsoon climate is the main feature of my country's climate. In summer, affected by the warm and humid air from the ocean, many parts of my country are hot, humid and rainy.

Although the sun is fierce, high temperature, humidity and rain in this season of Xiaoshu, for crops, the rain and heat during the same period are conducive to growth.

Our main products are: 70-150°C PVC XLPE irradiated cross-linked wire; 150-200°C silicone wire, silicone cable, 150-250°C Teflon wire, Teflon cable; 350°C winding wire; 450-550 ℃ mica braided high temperature wire, high temperature cable; 650-1000 ℃ ultra-high temperature wire; various sensor wires, thermocouple wires; green energy vehicle cables.

With more than 20 years of production experience, our products have covered South America, North America, EU, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other markets. We will provide global customers with high-quality and cost-effective products with the enterprise spirit of harmony, rigor, innovation and efficiency, the persistent spirit of craftsmen, the sense of serving the society and the world. Fengming Cable is firmly at the forefront of the industry, Committed to becoming a century-old enterprise.