Fongming Cable:high temperature wires

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Fongming Cable Factory provides high temperature wires from manufacturers of the highest quality in design and engineering. We stock standard products in cables and custom engineered cables for harsh environments in steel mills, coking plants and glass manufacturing. Fongming Cable Factory stocks and supplies products that excel in their ability to withstand extreme heat, moisture, and splashes of molten material, and are highly resistant to mechanical and physical abuse.

We custom motor leads with flexibility up to 150c (UL) and 200c (non-UL) heat and abrasion resistance. Fongming Cable Factory stocks these cables in sizes from 36AWG to 750MCM and all colors up to 8AWG.

TGGT is a motor lead that also has flexibility for heat and abrasion resistance up to 250c (UL).

MGT is the highest heat resistant motor lead for applications up to 450c (closer to 1000f). Fongming can produce MGT wires of sizes from 28AWG to 4/0AWG.

Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, high temperature resistant wire and cable manufacturer around you.