Fongming Cable丨high temperature appliance wire

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Cables can be installed in environments with harsh conditions and high ambient temperatures, but selecting the right cables for the correct environmental conditions is essential to ensure the cable’s expected life span will not be affected. The use of wire and cable products outside their designed temperature range can result in premature and often expensive failures in service.

Understanding High-Temperature Wire

High-temperature wire is often defined as a wire with a temperature rating of 125°C or higher, although high-temperature can also refer to temperature ratings as low as 90°C. High-temperature cables can either be single-conductor or multiconductor. These products commonly consist of a conductor (usually copper,tinned copper, copper-plated or nickel-coated copper) and insulation. High-temperature wires may also have an additional jacket consisting of a fiberglass braid material.

Two key components to ensure high-temperature wires are suitable for the application are the wire’s temperature rating and ampacity. Temperature ratings can be defined as the maximum continuous temperature that a wire can withstand during its lifetime. If a cable’s temperature rating is not suitable for the environment and ambient temperature, the expected lifespan of the cable could be affected.

The ampacity is the maximum current an insulated conductor can safely carry without exceeding its insulation and jacket temperature limitations. If the cable is undersized, the heat produced by circuit load may exceed the cable’s temperature rating and the cable may be compromised.

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