Fongming Cable:What type of insulation is used for high temperature cables?

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There are two commonly used materials for making high temperature cable insulation: PTFE and ETFE polymers. High-quality high-temperature cables can be obtained using any of these insulation materials. Neither polymer is "good" or "bad" - both are suitable for unique applications.

ETFE is an ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer insulated heat resistant cable made of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen based materials. The resins used in these coatings are very elastic in polymers in the fluoropolymer range, and high temperature wires can be made by applying ETFE on films up to 1,000 microns thick - which are very tough.

Teflon, on the other hand, is a fluorocarbon, made from carbon and fluorine atoms. While the tensile strength of ETFE may be 34% higher than that of PTFE, high temperature cables made from the latter are a more flexible polymer with a relatively high (66%) elongation at break.

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