Fongming Cable:What causes wires to overheat?

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1) Corrosion

Corrosion can damage wires and conductors, causing their resistance to increase, which in turn increases the heat they generate. Worn wires and conductors from corrosion are more prone to overheating.

2) Overload

Like most electrical equipment, wires have grades. They are designed to carry a certain amount of current safely. If an appliance forces the wire to carry more power than it can handle, it will heat up. Wires can withstand high temperatures to a certain extent. However, if you keep using the device in question, the heat will eventually melt the plastic coating of the wires. This could cause a fire.

3) Poor connection

Poor connections can concentrate high power density on a small area. If this condition persists, overheating may result. Bad connections are dangerous because you can't detect them. They may go unnoticed until disaster strikes.

4) Environment

Some places are hotter than others. For example, the temperature in the attic can soar, especially in the summer. Some people don't realize that ambient temperature can cause the electrical wiring in their home to overheat.

How to stop wires from overheating?

Use a suitable housing

If you're concerned about poor connections, you can prevent them from igniting nearby combustibles by covering them with a suitable enclosure.


You can use larger gauge wire to prevent overheating. This is because the larger diameter wire provides less resistance. They can replace the wiring in your home if necessary


You will need to hire an expert to conduct regular inspections. You need them to identify and replace any frayed or damaged wires.

Of course, we will advise you to find the right high temperature cable for your application. Please contact us directly. With more than 25 years of experience in the production of temperature-resistant cables, we will develop and manufacture cables for you that are completely optimized to your technical specifications.

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