Fongming Cable:The birth of a high temperature resistant wire

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An important characteristic of high temperature wire is its ability to withstand the maximum operating temperature at the time of application. The high temperature resistant wire is generally completed by a combination of multi-layer processes such as conductor, insulation, outer protection and shielding.

Each step of the production operation has a large impact on the final properties of the high temperature resistant wire.

The first is the stranding section. Whether the stranding of the conductor is qualified will affect the performance and service life of the heat resistant wire.

The insulation layer of the high temperature resistance wire will use different materials and processes according to the requirements of the temperature resistance grade. For example, the 180-degree line needs to use silicone insulation; 250 degrees, use Teflon insulation layer. Wires with a temperature resistance of 350 degrees need to use glass fiber braided insulation; high temperature wires with braids also need to add a layer of coating to prevent the glass fiber braid from loosening, and the coating also has the function of temperature resistance

The insulation layer of high-temperature wires sometimes uses a wrapping process, such as PTFE wrapping wire (temperature: 250 degrees), mica tape wrapping wire (temperature: 450 degrees to 1000 degrees).

The multi-core cable will undergo a cabling process before the outer protection, in which the core wires will be firmly combined. The shielded cable also needs a shielding braiding process at the end, which has a better temperature and wear resistance effect on the cable.

At this point, the production of a high-temperature wire has been basically completed. Before the cables are officially shipped, Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory will also carry out a complete set of strict quality inspection to ensure that each batch of high temperature resistant cables is qualified.

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