Fongming Cable丨TGGT cable

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TGGT stands for Teflon/Glass/Glass/Teflon.

TGGT is a flexible stranded nickel-plated copper conductor with PTFE tape insulation, covered with glass fiber yarn. A fiberglass braided sheath covers the insulation and is treated with a high temperature saturant. Rated voltage is 300 or 600 volts and rated temperature is 250°C. You can use TGGT cables continuously at 250ºC.

TGGT cables can be used for internal wiring of commercial, industrial and domestic ovens, cooking and drying equipment. TGGT cables are suitable for use in severe hot spot locations in industrial processes. TGGT can be used in wet and dry applications.

TGGT cable characteristics:

• Fireproof

• Reliable

• Chemical resistance

• Durable

• Optimal functional efficiency

• High performance

• Longer service life

• Easy installation

• All components rated for 250°C continuous duty

• Critical high temperature performance

• Designed for curved applications

• High temperature, abrasion, chemical and moisture resistance

• Continuous conductor temperature: 250°C

Fongmingcable's TGGT cable models with UL certification are:

UL 5256 UL5127 UL5180 UL5181 UL5196 UL5257

Fongming Cable can help you find the correct cable. We are a factory with various international certifications. If you have other questions, please contact us or ask for quotation online.