Fongming Cable:Specifications of high temperature resistant cables

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High temperature wire is considered to be any insulated wire or multi-conductor cable rated to operate at 150°C and above. Fongming Cable Factory can produce a full range of single-conductor and multi-core high temperature products.

Wire Type

Silicone products: SRG (150°C-200°C) & SRK (150°C-200°C)

Market: Motor leads or wiring of electrical equipment and lighting fixtures

Various voltage standards available

Extruded Teflon Products:

FEP (200°C), ETFE/Tefzel (200°C), PFA (250°C) and PTFE (aka: TFE) (250°C)

Market: Electric heaters, electrical appliances, thermocouples, gas wiring igniters, electrical and electronic components and other products.

Available in 300V, 600V or 1000V (1KV) standard

Ribbon Teflon product: TGGT (250°C)

Markets: Commercial, industrial, domestic ovens, internal wiring for cooking equipment.

Available in 300V or 600V standard

Mica products: MG (450°C/550°C non-UL) and high performance mica

(2400°F short term, 450°C/538°C non-UL)

Market: Internal wiring of domestic and commercial ovens, cooking appliances.

Ideal for wiring equipment in electric heaters, iron works, steel works, glass works, cement kilns.

Available in 300V or 600V standard

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