Fongming Cable:Silicone Insulated Heater Wire

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Does your business or product need reliable, accurate, steady temperatures for specific tools and equipment? Silicone insulated heater wire is ideal for fast heating speed, even temperature, and accurate, efficient heat that is resilient to outside environments. This kind of wire can be applied in many different ways in a variety of equipment:

· Industrial applications: electric machines, air conditioning compressors, submersible pumps, freezing protection equipment, etc.

· Medical equipment: developmental tube heater, bodybuilding cloth, electric medicine pad, waistband, blood analyzer heater, etc.

· Household items: rice cookers, refrigerators, hairdressing and beauty tools, electric chairs, etc.

· Other applications include greenhouses and other planting and breeding businesses.

Silicone insulated heater wire is used in high wattage settings, with a maximum of 15 watts per foot. With an electrical grade fiberglass core and SW-200 silicone rubber insulation, this wire is dependable and efficient.  

Among the varieties of silicone insulated heater wires, most wires can handle temperature ratings between 150 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius, from 600 through 6,000 voltage ratings. Voltages range between 300V and 600V. The diameters of the wires vary from 1.6 mm to 8 mm.

When you need a steady temperature in an area that naturally creates high, unsteady temperatures, choose silicone insulated wires. These wires are flexible and resist heat because of the silicone insulation that keep connections working. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and specifications, these wires can be tailored to your specific industry and needs.

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