Fongming Cable:Methods to quickly identify whether a high temperature cable is inferior

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The safe use of electricity has always been very important, and inferior high-temperature cables can easily bring trouble to our lives and threaten our safety. Therefore, when choosing high-temperature cables, be sure to keep your eyes open and avoid choosing inferior products. Because many customers don't know how to check the specific material of high-temperature cables, and can't spend a lot of time detecting whether they are inferior, how to quickly identify whether they are inferior products? Here are a few ways.

1. Looking at the color of the copper conductor, it is generally stipulated that the copper wire of the cable conductor must use pure copper oxygen-free copper (called copper in the copper industry), because the copper content reaches 99%, the purity is high, the color is soft, and the oxygen content is high. ;

2. Wipe the copper wire with white paper. Due to the large amount of impurities in the unqualified copper wire, the welding with copper is unstable, and it will leave traces (blackening) on the white paper after wiping.

3. Bend the copper wire conductor back and forth, the pure copper wire is soft, has good tensile strength, and is not easy to break

4. Observe the copper surface, the copper wire conductor surface should not have triangles or burrs, cracks, kinks, folds, inclusions, skin spots, pits, mechanical damage, stains, defects;

5. Measure whether the copper wire is square or not, and the no-voltage cable is easy to detect. Directly measure the copper wire diameter with a caliper and compare according to the cable data sheet. However, there are many compressed cables on the market, which can be compared with the actual unit weight of the cable according to the unit weight of the cable or the standard cable parameter table;

6. Check the insulation. Whether the surface of the sheath is smooth and round, the gloss is uniform, and there are no visible bubbles, burns, etc. The thickness should be uniform, no eccentric core, no mechanical damage and flattening phenomenon, each layer of material should be non-stick, fully filled, cable roundness, bending cable is not easy to appear white printing.

High-quality high-temperature cables, conductors, and insulation are finely crafted, while inferior products are far worse in this regard, especially the conductors. For our safety, we should choose regular manufacturers to buy.

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