Fongming Cable:Insulated Heater Wire

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Fongming Cable is professional in the development of specially fabricated silicone and fiberglass insulated resistance wire for refrigeration anti-condensate applications. These heating elements are available in a broad range of resistances from .22 ohms/ft to 5000 ohms/ft. with a tolerance of +/- 5%.

Whatever your requirements for insulated resistance wire, you’ll find Fongming Cable an excellent source for quality material, competitive pricing and reasonable service.

The majority of silicone and Fiberglass heater wire that Fongming Cable manufactures is used in domestic and commercial refrigeration applications to prevent the formation of condensation on surfaces.

The successful use of either type of wire depends on three critical factors:

· 1. Proper selection of the resistance (ohms per foot) to provide the desired wattage.

· 2. Selection of the appropriate style of wire.

· 3. Proper installation in the application.

Silicone Insulated Resistance (Heater) Wire

Fongming Cable ’s silicone insulated heater wire is an excellent choice for use in high wattage application of up to 15 watts per foot. This wire is constructed using electrical grade fiberglass core material and is insulated with our silicone is rated to 150C (302°F) and can go as high as 200°C (392°F) depending on application.

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