Fongming Cable:How to do quality control of high temperature cables

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Product quality manufacturing technology is the foundation, and inspection is the key. Whether the raw materials are good or bad, whether they are processed according to the process requirements, whether there are quality problems in each manufacturing process, and whether the final product can meet the requirements, etc., are all determined by the inspectors and operators according to the corresponding standards.

inspection process

The inspection of Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory mainly has three major links. Inbound inspection, in-process inspection and outgoing inspection. In the first material warehousing process, there will be special testing personnel sampling the materials; the second is in-process inspection, that is, inspection at any time during production, and timely correction and consolidation. The process inspection of Fongming Cable Factory is divided into the self-inspection of the operator on the one hand, and the regular sampling inspection of the person in charge of the production line on the other hand. Our quality inspection supervisor will always be on the first production line, and any problems will be solved in a timely manner. Efficiency and quality are guaranteed together. Shipping inspection includes many dimensions: basic details such as product labels, test reports, printing, etc. We will conduct targeted experiments on the performance of different cables and give experimental reports, and so on.

Fongming Cable Factory has a complete testing process for the entire production process of the product. It is guaranteed that every cable we produce is of the highest quality.

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