Fongming Cable 丨High temperature resistant 1000°c pure nickel high temperature cable

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1000°c pure nickel high temperature cable, high temperature resistant cable, heat resistant cable. Pure nickel wire conductor, the service temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius. Suitable for fire prevention occasions and electromagnetic heating of high temperature wires.

The pure nickel high temperature wire is suitable for a voltage of 300/500v, and the cable structure includes a pure nickel wire conductor, mica tape and glass fiber. Suitable for long-term high temperature above 800 degrees. There are very few cables that can withstand a high temperature of 1000 degrees. At present, only one kind of cable has reached it, that is, 1000 ℃ pure nickel wire high temperature resistant cable. The cable structure is pure nickel wire for conductor, glass fiber for insulation, refractory mica tape, and finally outer glass fiber sheath.

1000℃ pure nickel wire high temperature resistant cable features:

1. Rated voltage: 300/500V

2. Working temperature: 1500℃

3. Conductor: Twisted pure nickel wire

4. Insulation: high temperature resistant yarn + glass fiber weaving + fluorophlogopite tape

5. Color: red/yellow/blue/white/black/yellow-green/brown/orange/purple/green/etc.

The mechanical properties of nickel are close to those of carbon steel, and its corrosion resistance to alkali is good.

It is second only to silver in metal materials. Therefore, 1000 ℃ pure nickel wire can withstand high temperature

Cables made of pure nickel wire are very popular in high temperature environments

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