Fongming Cable丨"Fongming Community" prize posting activity is coming

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In order to stimulate employees' sense of ownership, create a good cultural atmosphere and communication environment. Fongming Cable launched the "Fongming Community" award-winning article" activity.


"Fongming Community" is an internal interactive sharing platform built by Fongming Cable for employees. Since its inception, Fongming employees have fully explored the people and things that happened around them, and contributed nearly a hundred articles.


In order to fully enhance the participation enthusiasm of employees, Fongming Cable adopts the method of earning points and redeeming prizes by posting articles in the community. It has been unanimously welcomed and fully affirmed by everyone.


The employees of Fongming Cable share their experience and write articles on the platform of Fongming Community. It not only enlivened the atmosphere of colleagues, but also won rich prizes. Fongming Community deeply implants the corporate culture in the hearts of every Fongming person, and we will help each other along the way!

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