Fongming Cable丨Fireproof properties of mica wire

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Fongming cable's mica insulated cables comply with strict international fire protection standards. Mica tape not only provides electrical insulation, but it also acts as a unique fire barrier by preventing its spread and reducing the amount of toxic gases and smoke emitted during a fire.

Mica is a natural material, chemically neutral, non-toxic and completely free of halogens. Mica Tape is a dry non-adhesive flexible tape impregnated with high performance heat resistant silicone and reinforced with a polyethylene film support.

Advantages of Mica:

Does not spread flame: Mica is a non-combustible material and does not spread flame.

Delayed Smoke Release: Mica reduces the amount of toxic gases and smoke released in a fire and delays their release.

Additionally, mica is non-flammable and can withstand temperatures up to 600 °C, and in the case of phlogopite, over 1000 °C (1830 °F). It is flame retardant, non-flammable, does not emit smoke, and has very low thermal conductivity, especially perpendicular to its formation.

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