Fongming Cable:Features of FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE Wire

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Teflon wire has high-quality corrosion resistance, oil resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, oxidant resistance, etc. It has high-quality insulation properties, high-voltage resistance, low high-frequency loss, no moisture, and large grounding resistance; it has high-quality flame retardancy, aging resistance, and long service life. In the electronics industry, it can be used for temperature compensation lines, cold-resistant transmission lines, high-temperature heating transmission lines, aging-resistant cables and flame-retardant cables; in the electrical product manufacturing industry, it can be used for air conditioners, microwave heating, electronic equipment disinfection cabinets, rice cookers, and electronic equipment thermos , electric heating, ovens, electric frying pans, lighting fixtures, etc.

Teflon wire has a wide range of heat and cold resistance. Polyperfluorobutadiene cables also have the following advantages. It can be installed from -80°C to +250°C in temperature and operating temperature, which reduces the chafing and contusion of the cable, because it has very low friction resistance, so when wiring, hanging wire and conduit, all the Young people can damage the sheath. This jacket is also resistant to various materials, acid and alkali, water wash, acid, solvent corrosion, UV and moisture resistance.

In the high temperature geographical environment such as power generation capacity, iron and steel industry, chemical enterprises, etc., grounding protection in the middle of mobile electrical products can be used. Household appliances, lighting equipment, electronic equipment, electric heating equipment, heavy machinery equipment, mechanical equipment, electrical installation engineering machinery equipment, industrial production industrial equipment, electric heating equipment, microwave ovens, copiers, printers, scanning, experimental instruments, motor wiring, electronics Equipment, electrical products and other high-temperature geographical environment wiring.

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