Fongming Cable:Features of ETFE Wire

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Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, also known as ETFE, is a fluoropolymer insulating material. ETFE is a versatile insulating material. ETFE's ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments makes ETFE ideal for the aerospace, medical, nuclear and instrumentation industries. ETFE can be used in any application requiring chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical properties.

ETFE is often chosen over FEP or PTFE due to its superior mechanical strength. It has excellent thermal aging properties and can withstand high voltages.

Common Types of ETFE Wire or Cable

Aviation wiring

Aerospace wiring

nuclear cable

electronic circuit

medical wiring

Electrical wiring

ETFE can be used as insulation or sheathing material

Rated temperature: -100°C to 150°C

Fire resistance: very good

Chemical resistance: very good

UV resistance: very good

Damage endurance: very good

Extensibility: very good

Fongming Cable Factory, manufacturer of ETFE wires and cables.

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