Fongming Cable Celebration of Dragon Boat Festival

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"When the reed leaves get fragrant, the Dragon Boat Festival comes." In order to create a festive and cheerful atmosphere, to improve the relationship among employees and to enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company, Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory launched on June 5, 2022 with the theme of "One family, one heart , work together, win together" as the theme to carry out the team building activities. Under the careful planning of the administrative and personnel department, the personal leadership of General Manager Yang and the full participation of all employees have achieved a complete success.

Before the start of the event, Mr. Yang drew a blueprint for the company's development and explained the company's principle to build a stage for personal development. It is hoped that the colleagues of the company will proceed from their own words and deeds, under high standards and strict requirements, to give full play to their professionalism and expertise.

At 9:30 in the morning, everyone arrived at the poetic and picturesque farm on time. Colleagues greeted each other with smiles on their faces, their happy mood was beyond words, and they looked forward to a rich day of activities.

The company specially prepared heatstroke prevention supplies for everyone as the Dragon Boat Festival has passed, and it is officially entering the hot summer.

In the teamwork session, randomly assigned groups will compete in pairs. There are not only the fiercely confrontational game of "disc tug-of-war", the brain-testing "three-stick relay match", but also the "giant's footsteps", and "Team tug-of-war" which required concerted efforts. During the run-in, the players of each group quickly clarified the division of labor, exhibited their strengths, and established trust... After a few games, everyone cooperated more and more skillfully, and they competed for points for their team on the field. The exciting competition scene attracted applauses.

This themed team building activity injects relaxation and vitality into the busy and tedious work, further empowers the team to grow in persistence, exercise in hard work, and innovate in development, and help the company continue to step on the road of market-oriented transformation. Real, steady and far-reaching.

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