Fongming Cable:AFR-250/AFR-200 series aerospace wire

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AFR-250/AFR-200 series wires can be used for connection of electrical appliances, instruments and equipment in high and low temperature and various harsh environments. It has excellent properties such as wide operating temperature range, oil resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, various chemical reagents, aging resistance, non-combustion, etc., which can protect the wire to be used safely in extremely harsh environments, especially suitable for use in the aviation field.  

AFR-250/AFR-200 series PTFE-wrapped insulated aviation wires can be used in the electronic and electrical fields where the ambient or conductor temperature is within 250°C, and can also be used in systems with current overload or high mechanical pressure, especially suitable for installation spaces Limited, weight-sensitive instrumentation, inside electronic equipment.  

Compared with PTFE extruded wires, AFR-250/AFR-200 series PTFE film wrapping structure makes the wires have more excellent flexibility, bending resistance and shock resistance.  

PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene can effectively resist the influence of the high temperature of the soldering iron on the shrinkage and melting of the insulating layer in the welding process.

The AFR250/AFR200 cables for aviation produced by Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory are of good quality and cost-effective.

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