Fongming Cable:AF200 FEP Teflon insulated high temperature wire

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Nominal Voltage: 300V/500V
Temperature Range: -65ºC~+200ºC
Conductor: solid or stranded tinned copper
Insulator: fep
O.D.Tolerance: ±0.03mm
Testing Voltage: 2500V
Colour: white, blue, red, black, brown, orange, purple, gray, yellow, green, transparent, yellow-green, etc

High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, excellent electrical insulation, high voltage resistance,low high-frequency loss,moistureproof, high insulation resistance, excellent antiflaming, ageing resistance, long product service life.

Apply to household appliance, air-conditioner, microwave oven, electronic disinfection cabinet,electric cooker,electric water heater,electric heater,electric oven,illumination & lighting & headlamp, electric machines, temperature sensor, military series, metallurgy chemical series, motor cars & ships electrical installation,etc.

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