70,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine were administered in two days in Beijing

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The 200th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Beijing on 3 January. Gao Xiaojun, spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, said that since January 1, 2021, Beijing has organized vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus in nine key groups of people in all districts, aiming to "meet all the needs" on the basis of knowledge and willingness.

So far, 220 vaccination sites have been activated. The command and dispatch platform and the vaccination management platform of COVID-19 vaccine have been launched, and the personnel information has been exchanged with the Beijing "Health Treasure" platform. After inoculation of the first dose, the "Health Service appointment inquiry" column of Beijing "Health Treasure" will prompt "the first dose has been inoculated". After the second dose, the prompt "Vaccination is complete" will be given. On January 1, 2021, a total of 73537 doses of COVID-19 vaccine were inoculated in Beijing, and no serious adverse reactions occurred.

Who is not eligible for the vaccine?

Pang spark, deputy director of the Beijing center for disease control and prevention is not suitable for vaccination groups include pregnant women, nursing mothers, are in fever, infection diseases such as acute phase, with immune defects or immune disorders, and severe liver and kidney disease, drug uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes complications, patients with malignant tumor, etc.

All vaccinators should read the informed consent carefully before inoculation. If they feel unwell, they can postpone the inoculation. Those not in the 18-59 age range will have to wait for further clinical trial data to be disclosed to determine whether follow-up is possible.

How can a student apply for COVID-19 vaccine while working abroad?

Gao Xiaojun introduced, at present 9 kinds of key population inoculation work is coordinated by the municipal level, the district level organization implementation, each unit or industry department specific organization docking, according to the unified arrangement in the district orderly carry out inoculation, in principle does not take the way of individual appointment.

How to vaccinate people who work or study abroad for private purposes? 

Relevant personnel can be local residence booklet or residence permit, passport and valid visa to China (not including visa-free or be born sign countries) and necessary proof materials, such as ticket, issued by the labor service company, outside the school to issue a notice of acceptance or invitation letter, etc., to live in the street (township) or community service station data audit, audit through after inoculated to the designated vaccination institutions, specific circumstances please pay close attention to all the relevant notice.

Novel Coronavirus mutation Vaccine still useful?

The virus is one of the simplest organisms, and its proliferation depends on living cells, said Wang Huaqing, chief expert and chief physician of the immunization program of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. During proliferation, viruses mutate, most of which do not affect the pathogenicity of the virus, the sensitivity of test reagents, or the effectiveness of the vaccine.

According to the latest information released by WHO, from the global monitoring of novel Coronavirus mutation, there is no evidence that virus mutation will invalidated the existing novel Coronavirus vaccine. The WHO global Novel Coronavirus Laboratory network includes a special Novel Coronavirus mutation evolution working group, which is timely and rapidly detecting new viral mutations and evaluating their possible impact. This will also provide early warning and scientific analysis basis for the development and application of follow-up vaccines.

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