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1000 degree cloud

1000 degree high temperature line

1000 degree high temperature mica line

1000 degree mica cable

1000C 600V Mica Fiberglass Wire

1000C High Temperature Cable

1000C High Temperature Wire

1000C MGT Cable

1000C MGT Wire

1000V EV line

1000V EV Wire

1000V silica gel polyamide woven wire

1000V silica gel polyaryon knitted wire

1000V silicone cable

1000V Silicone Cable 

1000V silicone line

1000V Silicone Polyaramid Braid Wire

1000V Silicone Wire

1000VDC EV line

1000VDC EV Wire

105C 300V UL1569 PVC Wire

105C 300V UL1672 PVC Wire

105C 600V UL3386 XLPE Wire

105C silicone cable

105C Silicone Cable 

105C silicone line

105C XLPE Cable

105C XLPE Line

105C XLPE Wire

10kV silicon glass fiber

10KV Silicone Fiberglass Wire

10kV silicone glass fiber line

10kV silicone line

10KV Silicone Wire

1100V silica gel synthesis woven wire

1100V silicone knitted line

1100V Silicone Synthetic Braid Wire

125C EV Cable

125C EV line

125C EV Wire

125C XLPE Cable

125C XLPE Line

125C XLPE Wire



12AWG PTFE Wire 

12AWG TGGT line


12AWG TGGT Wire 

14AWG PTFE Wire 

150 ° C silicone polysilic acid woven yarn

1500V cable

1500V EV Cable

1500V EV line

1500V EV Wire

150C EV

150C EV Cable

150C EV Wire

150C silica gel glass fiber

150C silica gel polyaryon knitted line

150C silica gel synthesis knitted line

150C silica gel synthesis knitting cable

150C silicon glass fiber

150C Silicone Cable

150C Silicone Cable 

150C Silicone Fiberglass Wire

150C silicone knitted line

150C silicone knitting cable

150C Silicone Polyaramid Braid Wire

150C Silicone Synthetic Braid Cable

150C Silicone Synthetic Braid Wire

150C silicone synthetic web

150C Silicone Wire

150C Silicone Wire 

150C XLPE Cable

150C XLPE Line

150C XLPE Wire

180C EV Cable

180C EV line

180C EV Wire

180C silica gel synthesis knitted line

180C silica gel synthesis knitting cable

180C silicone knitted line

180C Silicone Synthetic Braid Cable

180C Silicone Synthetic Braid Wire

180C silicone synthetic web

180C silicone woven cable

2 Core FEP Teflon Cable

2 Core FEP Teflon Cable 

2 core FEP TEFLON line

Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory, established in 1997, is a professional manufacturer of special cables, sitting in Baoying County, Yangzhou City, with an area of ​​50,000 square meters, construction...

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