Yangzhou Fongmming Cable:just! The regular meeting of the State Council has set the tone and raised the RRR more than expected! FTSE A50 rose instantly, and monetary policy "ignited" imagination?

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Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council held an executive meeting of the State Council on July 7 to make arrangements to further promote the efficiency and convenience of medical insurance services; affirm a number of policies and measures to enhance the guarantee of the rights and interests of workers in new forms of employment; resolution to increase financial support to the real economy, and to introduce support for carbon emission reduction Measures.

This time the regular meeting of the National People's Congress repeatedly mentioned "the timely use of monetary policy tools such as RRR cuts", which aroused widespread concern in the market. Since the beginning of the year, the government has repeatedly emphasized the stability of the monetary policy, the persistence of not flooding the floods, and keeping the total gate of the money supply in place. This once made the market an expectation that the monetary policy will not be loose or tight this year. When looking at the monetary policy in the second half of the year, the newspaper thought that there was neither a RRR cut nor a possibility of a rate hike in the second half of the year. However, the Standing Committee of the State Council "unexpectedly" raised the RRR again, allowing the market to refocus on the possibility of monetary policy adjustments.


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