Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: What did G7 open? Multinational media and people used three words!

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Xinhua News Agency’s foreign correspondents report: The G7 summit ended on the 13th in Cornwall, southwestern England. During the summit, media and people in many countries thought that the meeting was "not up to standard" and questioned the "commitments" made by the G7 in responding to the new crown epidemic and climate change.


Lisa Nandy, the British shadow cabinet foreign secretary, said: "No matter how you look at it, this summit is not up to the standard. There is no clear plan to achieve the goal of vaccinating the world before the end of 2022, nor has it been made. An ambitious commitment to lead the world on a climate-safe path."


Former British Prime Minister Brown said in an interview with the British Sky News that the summit will be recorded as "a moral failure" in the annals of history. "The world needs 11 billion doses of vaccine, and we only come up with a plan that touches 1 billion doses of vaccine."


Deutsche News Agency reported that people from the Children’s Mercy Organization World Vision pointed out that the practice of the G7 vaccine donation pledge is “not as wonderful as it sounds.” One of the purposes is to divert people’s attention and conceal their opposition to the release of vaccine patents. Attitude.


Tom Hart, the acting CEO of the NGO One Organization, said that the ideas and actions of the G7 have failed to match the current urgency of responding to the epidemic. The result of this "uninspiring" summit is that the epidemic has been prolonged, not only in the world, but also in the G7 itself.


The Spanish "Rebel" website published an article that the instructor of the Group of Seven countries did not agree to exempt the new crown vaccine intellectual property rights to deal with the shortage of vaccine supply. In terms of tackling climate change, these countries do not intend to reduce subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Private oil companies that receive large amounts of subsidies enjoy the profits of oil extraction.



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