Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: The 2021 China International Trade in services Fair will be held in Beijing from September 2 to 7

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The 2021 China International Trade in services Fair (hereinafter referred to as "trade in services Fair") will be held in the National Convention Center and Shougang park from September 2 to 7. This service trade fair adopts online and offline integration to hold the meeting, around the theme of "digital opening the future and service promotion", and plans six kinds of activities such as global service trade summit, forum and conference, exhibition, promotion and negotiation, achievement release and side meeting.


It is reported that this year's exhibition has set up a digital service area for the first time. As a new trade category, digital service trade has become a new engine of Global trade. According to the statistics of the white paper on the global digital economy issued by the Chinese Academy of information and communications, in 2020, the added value of the digital economy in 47 countries around the world reached US $32.6 trillion, a year-on-year nominal growth of 3% and accounting for 43.7% of GDP. Industrial digitization is still the main driving force for the development of the digital economy, accounting for 84.4% of the digital economy. In 2020, China's digital economy will reach nearly US $5.4 trillion, ranking second in the world“ The 14th five year plan and the long-term goal outline of 2035 put forward the digital development goal of "accelerating digital development and establishing digital China". The development of China's digital industry has derived a huge demand for digital service trade, and also provided the "China plan" for digital service trade for the world.


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