Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: Ministry of foreign affairs one belt, one road, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China is willing to continue its efforts to improve the accessibility and responsibil

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The spokesman said that one belt, one road, was held in June this year by the State Councilor and foreign minister Wang Yi. China and the 28 one jointly launched the "one belt, one road" vaccine partnership partnership proposal at the meeting, and advocated collaboration in vaccine assistance, export and consumption.


The spokesman said that China has actively implemented the above recommendations and reached a cooperative consensus with the co sponsors of the recommendations on a total of 775 million doses of vaccines and stock solutions. At present, 350 million doses have been provided. In addition, Chinese enterprises have also initiated combined consumption with the four proposed sponsors, and are discussing combined consumption with other interested countries.


China will one belt, one road partner, one belt, one road, the spokesman said, and will continue to work together to promote a fair distribution of vaccines across the globe, and to enhance the accessibility and accountability of vaccines in the "one belt and one way" country and other developing countries.

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