Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: Li Keqiang is in charge of convening an executive meeting of the State Council to deploy further reforms and improvements in the management of scientific research funding fro

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The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to deepen the implementation of the new development concept in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the central position of innovation in the overall establishment of my country’s modernization, highlight the concerns of scientific researchers, and vigorously abolish fund management rules that do not conform to scientific research rules, and better encourage scientific research. The personnel study with great concentration. The meeting affirmed measures to further reform and improve the management of scientific research funding from the central government. The first is to simplify the budget preparation and streamline the budget subjects from more than 9 to 3. Decentralize all budget adjustment rights such as equipment costs to the project undertaker. Implement a funding contract system for basic research and talent projects. The second is to increase the encouragement of scientific research personnel and increase the proportion of indirect expenses of scientific research projects. The expenses for "persons" in scientific research project funds can reach more than 50%. For pure theoretical research projects such as mathematics, the indirect cost ratio can be increased to 60%. Research institutes can use all indirect costs for performance expenditures. Expand the scope of labor service expenses, and the social security subsidies and housing provident funds paid by the unit for project hires will be included in the labor service expenses. The cash rewards for transforming scientific and technological achievements are not restricted by the total amount of performance wages of the unit, and will not be used as the basis for the verification of performance wages for the next year. The third is to speed up the progress of the appropriation of project funds. The funds shall be allocated to the undertaker within 30 days after the signing of the project mission statement. After the project is completed, the surplus funds will be reserved for use by the undertaking unit and used for direct scientific research expenditures. International collaboration and exchange expenses listed in scientific research funds are not included in the scope of the "three public" funds. The fourth is to innovate the way of financial scientific research funding support. According to the focus and scope of national affirmation, leading scientists independently affirm research topics, scientific research teams and funding applications. Support new R&D institutions to implement the "budget + negative list" management form. Except for special rules, the scientific and technological achievements and academic property rights generated by financial support are obtained by the new R&D institutions in accordance with the law, independently decided to transform and promote application. Fifth, scientific research projects are equipped with scientific research financial assistants by relevant parties to provide professional services such as budgeting and reimbursement to reduce the burden of scientific research personnel. Relevant manpower costs can be dealt with through channels such as project funding. The sixth is to improve the supervision of scientific research funding. Strengthen supervision during and after the event, and conduct audit and monitoring in accordance with laws and regulations. The meeting requested that all relevant parties should pay close attention to the implementation of the above-mentioned measures, and the State Affairs Office should strengthen supervision.


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