Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: Giant pandas "Zhenzhen" and "Susan" gave birth to two babies and four cubs

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The reporter learned from the China Giant Panda Maintenance Research Center on the 18th that the giant pandas "Zhenzhen" and "Susan" of the center were at the China Giant Panda Maintenance Research Center Wolong Shenshuping from 18:44 to 19:34 on the 17th. Two babies and four panda babies were born in the base.

The second child of the giant panda "Zhenzhen". Photo courtesy of China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center

According to reports, at 10:08 on the 17th, the returnee giant panda "Zhenzhen" began to exhibit low-frequency condemnation behaviors. The first cub was born at 18:44. The cubs' cry, vitality, and body temperature were normal, at 19:15. After giving birth to the second cub, the second cub was a male and weighed 120.7 grams after inspection by a childcare expert.

In 2007, the giant panda "Zhenzhen" was born in the San Diego Zoo in the United States. In 2010, he returned to the Panda Center. In 2015, he gave birth to twins in Bifengxia, Ya'an. In 2018, the "Zhenzhen" who participated in the wild introduction came to Within the Jinbo Village of Mianluo Town, it attracted the attention of villagers and made "Zhenzhen" a "net celebrity" of media attention at that time. To participate in this year's breeding work, the giant panda "Zhenzhen" moved from the Hetaoping base to the Shenshuping base.



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