Yangzhou Fongmming Cable: Fongmming Cable helps fruit farmers

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As the saying goes, "in ancient times, there was Gusu peach blossom dock, and now there is Xiaji peach blossom garden." On the Bank of the glittering Ziying River, peach blossoms are in full bloom, dotted with green space. Perhaps only tourists who have been here can really feel what is "the beauty of spring".


Ziyinghe orchard farm, Xiaji Town, Baoying County, was established at the end of 1959. The core base of the orchard is more than 1000 mu. The orchard farm has clean water, fresh air and good ecological environment. The planted peaches have a strong aroma and taste. The taste of pears is very crisp, tender, sweet and juicy. Late summer and early autumn are the season when peaches and pears are on the market. This season of the year is the busiest time for fruit farmers in ziyinghe orchard, Xiaji town. This year, however, they were worried about the peaches and pears hanging on the branches. Affected by the epidemic, the poor traffic has seriously hindered the sales, which has worried the fruit farmers. Because the fruits fall naturally after ripening and rot on the ground, the preservation time is short, which is a great loss for them.


No lover was interested in the epidemic. After learning about it for the first time, Mr. Yang Fongming, chairman of our company, took the initiative to contact fruit farmers and first purchased 800 kg of yellow peach and 3000 kg of pear (distributed as employee welfare and epidemic prevention materials). Then he contacted the bosses of nearby factories to help sales in order to solve the urgent need.


President Yang said: "we help fruit farmers solve unsalable agricultural products, which is a concrete embodiment of the original mission of 'Xiaji people are a family'." in the face of the ruthless epidemic, we always have a firm belief, unite as one, and believe that we will be able to tide over the difficulties! The beautiful summer collection is waiting for everyone!

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